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Additional Therapeutic Services

Below is a list of our current additional services. All of the following services are great when used the same day as a chiropractic adjustment! Please message or call with any questions! 


Vitality Booth 
HaloTherapy + Red Light Therapy

Combining the powerful wellness treatments of Red-light Therapy, Halo Therapy, and Negative Ion Generation all in one! Vitality Booth™ delivers powerful health and wellness results using a patent-pending scientific wellness system. The Integrated state-of-the-art blue light UV sanitization system between sessions insures cleanliness and a safe environment. The sanitization system has been shown to kill viruses including Covid-19 and SARS.

Our Vitality Booth is a modern day FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH that is in a private lockable room and produces NO HEAT so you can leave and go about your day!

Click here for more info on the booth!

PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy improves the processes of healing and can maintain health by stimulation of a low electromagnetic field. By using this method, PEMF raises cellular energy behind the cell membrane and promotes a faster process of self-healing. PEMF Therapy is a safe treatment that carries many health benefits. This technology helps the body detoxify and increases the flow of lymphatic fluids.

Many people notice that this therapy can rapidly decrease or eliminate the pain they are experiencing altogether. PEMF Therapy is a brilliant tool that can recharge your body and stimulate cells to have long-lasting results.


Dry Hydrotherapy

Dry Hydrotherapy (dry water massage) is a form of therapy that combines the healing powers of water, heat and massage in a single system. The purpose of Dry Hydrotherapy is to provide the therapies of whirlpool, heat, and massage without the inconvenience of getting wet. Whirlpool treatment (Wet Hydrotherapy) applies pressurized streams of water to target areas of pain.

• Helps relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension
• Provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains
• Provides a feeling of well-being / relaxation
• Temporarily increases circulation where massaged
• Helps reduce stress and anxiety

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